Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1.            The fee per one hour coaching session is $80 (inc GST)

The fee for a 90min assessment/coaching session is $120 (inc GST)

2.            Time is a valuable resource therefore a cancellation fee of $40 may apply for a ‘no show’ or cancelling within 24 hours of the booked appointment. A reminder email and text will be sent out 24 hours before each appointment.

3.            Counties Driving School reserves the right to refuse to teach any student who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Any lesson fees chargeable will not be waived in those circumstances.

4.            Students must have with them at each lesson their current NZ driving licence, prescription glasses (if required for driving) and comfortable footwear. Jandels are not permitted but you can drive barefoot if you prefer.

5.            For instruction, Counties Driving School will provide the student with a car fitted with dual foot controls that meets current Warrant of Fitness and New Zealand Transport Agency/ Waka Kotahi requirements. The car will be insured for students under instruction.

6.            The instructor is approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency/Waka Kotahi and will have a driving instructor endorsement (I) on his driving licence. Students are welcome to inspect the instructor's driving licence prior to taking lessons.

7.            Whilst under instruction the student may be liable for any costs arising from any traffic or speed camera infringements resulting from failing to either follow the instructors instructions or failing to see the appropriate signage.

8.             Upon request and if available, the Counties Driving School instructional car can be used for the restricted or full license test, subject to the $80.00 hourly rate.

9.            If the student wishes to be taught in their own or family car it must meet Warrant of Fitness and registration requirements and have appropriate insurance cover. If the student is not the registered owner, then permission must be obtained from the registered owner before the lesson commences. Note: Counties Driving School or the Counties Driving School instructor in the student's vehicle will not be liable for any damage, costs, excess insurance fees or fines resulting from any accident or traffic offence that might occur during the period of instruction.


10.          Disputes: should a dispute arise between the student and Counties Driving School the matter should in the first instance be referred to the instructor. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be achieved the student family or caregivers can bring the matter to the attention of either:

              The National President                                                      New Zealand Transport Agency

              NZ Institute of Driving Educators                                     Waka Kotahi

To achieve a high standard of driving before taking the restricted test, students are recommended to have had at least 40hrs on-road practice in mixed traffic conditions (town & country) not just ‘point to point’ driving. These hours can be made up with a mixture of professional instruction combined with practical drive time experience provided by family and friends. However, as every driver has different requirements the number of professional lessons required may vary. Counties Driving School will make every effort to ensure that the student is prepared for the driving test but cannot be responsible if the student is failed by the Testing Officer on the day of the test.


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